1. ABC Educational Center
2. Funny English
3. Green
4. Live and Give
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Phoenix Group fights against ignorance, indifference, poverty and discrimination.

For now, our charity work is located in the village of Haghig, Covasna county, 20 minutes away from the cities of Brasov and Sfantu Gheorghe. With the opening of the ABC Center, we will extend to 10 other neighbouring communities: Ariusd, Valcele, Hetea, Araci, Iarasi, Arini, Maierus, Rotbav, Feldioara and Reconstructia.


1. ABC Educational Center is our main project at the moment. It is a special place that we started building in 2010, on the main street in Haghig village. Here, underprivileged children and young adults will be encouraged to experience daily educational adventures designed to make them wonder, learn, practice, and grow.

The center will focus on providing 2-hour daily educational activities for 140 bright and talented at-risk children, aged 06-15, residing in the 11 villages mentioned above. As a side function, the center will also accommodate daily educational activities for all other disadvantaged children and young adults from the area, aged 06-25, interested in knowledge and personal development.

The educational enterprise at the ABC Center will include:
      supplementary and complementary education;
      personal development courses, extra-curricular and recreational activities;
      education and career counselling;
      access to books, internet, individual study;
      festivities, town meetings, competitions, cultural events;
      volunteering challenges with social and environmental projects.

2. Funny English addresses 250 children, aged 06-15, attending Haghig primary and secondary school. During their volunteer week, English speaking volunteers have fun with the children singing, dancing, playing games and talking...in English. The encounters last for 2 hours daily, 4 days/week.

3. Green is a special partnership with the children of Haghig. With the help of volunteers, they learn how to understand, love, protect, and help the environment, by keeping it clean, planting, recycling, saving resources. The children are happy to help, and we are happy to reward them with outdoor trips or tickets to fun places.

4. Live and Give assists 30 children of extremely poor families, supplying them periodically with: food, clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products, and stationary.

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