We continued with 3 of the projects launched during 2010.

With the help of 12 super volunteers, and the fundraising efforts of 3 extraordinary ex-volunteers, we managed to buy the large wooden pannels for the attick flooring and keep up our activities:

     # completing the 1st floor and attick flooring for ABC Center (measuring,
         cutting, carrying, holding, screwing in large wooden pannels);
     # teaching about 20 hours of English to 100 children, aged 08-15;
     # donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products, and school
         supplies to 3 families with over 5 children each;
     # visiting Brasov and surroundings.

In late February 2014, we started a grant application process with the Velux Foundation from Denmark. We solicited funds for a 5-year project: Adventures Beyond Common Education (ABC Education). The project includes 2 ABC Enterprises:

     # ABC Center (the Educational Center we started building in 2010, where
         at-risk children and young adults can go on daily educational adventures
         designed to make them wonder, learn, practice, grow and live up to their
     # ABC Farm (a Social Business meant to completely cover for the operating
         costs of the ABC Center in 5 years'time).

We went through various stages of the application process, from a Concept Note to a Full Application, a Visit on Site, and Additional Documentation, including a Social Business Plan to support the feasibility of the ABC Farm.

THANK YOU, Donnie; Ben, Joanna, Jack, and Max; Angie, Abby, Rick, and Travis; Choung; Cordie; Jackson; Amy, Thomas, and Jim; for all your hard work, thoughtfulness and generosity! Also, Globe Aware, CAN Brasov, Haghig Townhall, and Haghig School, for being great partners!