We went on with the 4 projects launched during 2010 and 1 new, short-term one: insulating an old train car, home for a single mother and her 5 children.

We found a very good deal for the large wooden pannels and accessories for the outside walls and the 1st floor flooring of ABC Center. With the help of our sponsors we bought everything we needed.

Again, with only 9 precious volunteers, who came through Globe Aware Romania Program, we made some progress and continued our activities:

     # putting up the outside walls, part of the 1st floor flooring, and the gutter
         system of the Center (measuring, cutting, carrying, holding, screwing in large
         wooden pannels);
     # insulating an old train car, netting and plastering the outside;
     # teaching roughly 70 hours of English to 150 children, aged 10-15;
     # teaching 16 hours of environmentally friendly behavior classes to
         25 children, aged 10-15;
     # donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products, and school
         supplies to 25 deprived children and young adults;
     # visiting Brasov and surroundings.

THANK YOU, Steve; Meghan; James, Renee, and Zoe; Amy, Jim, and Thomas; Deborah; Brian; Joan and James ; Jessica Brea; Pat; for all your hard work, thoughtfulness and generosity! Also, Globe Aware, CAN Brasov, Haghig Townhall, and Haghig School, for being great partners!