We continued with the 4 projects launched during 2010.

Regarding ABC Center, with great financial help from ex-volunteers, we managed to buy the wooden underlays and the metal sheeting for the roof; and the gutter system.

With only 8, but marvellous volunteers, who came through Globe Aware Romania Program, we carried on activities like:

     # laying the wooden underlays and installing the metal sheeting for the roof
         of the Center;
     # teaching English to 80 children aged 10-15;
     # planting 8 trees in the back yard of the Center;
     # donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products and school
         supplies to 15 children and young adults in need;
     # visiting Brasov and surroundings.

We updated the website and made some layout changes at the beginning of the year and continued with the fundraising campaign.

THANK YOU for your priceless contribution: Joan and Forrester (James); Arielle and Rebecca; Natalie; Christopher, Ethan, and Paul; Brian; Chelsea; Pat; Soryl; Adhara; Globe Aware; FAST Charity; CAN Brasov; Haghig Townhall; and Haghig School!