We continued running the 4 projects launched last year.

For ABC Center, thanks to incredible donations from ex-volunteers, we bought the wood and accessories needed for putting up the wooden structure of the building and we hired a professional company to assemble the key resistance parts of the structure.

Even though their number dropped SIGNIFICANTLY, we still coordinated 11 volunteers coming through Globe Aware Romania Program, setting up activities like:

     # building the wooden structure of the Center;
     # teaching English to 50 children, aged 06-15;
     # cleaning Haghig village and creating and putting up 6 signs to prevent
         waste throwing in unauthorized areas;
     # donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products, and school
         supplies to 30 underprivileged children and young adults;
     # organizing 1 outdoor trip for socially active children and young adults;
     # visiting Brasov and surroundings.

The website was updated and went through some changes and we continued the fundraising campaign for the construction of the Center.

THANK YOU, Amy, Rachel and Hannah; Eugene, Karen, Stuart, and Evan; Jennifer; Andrea; Brian; Adhara; Kay; Susan; Christina; Globe Aware; FAST Charity; CAN Brasov; Haghig Townhall; and Haghig School; for being our working partners, supporters, and FRIENDS!