We finally moved our activity to Haghig village, Covasna county, and started our charity work as Phoenix Group Nonprofit.

We launched our first projects: ABC Educational Center, March 2010; Live and Give, March 2010; Funny English, June 2010; and Green, August 2010.

For ABC Center, we signed the land concession papers with the townhall in Haghig, then got all the documentation ready for the construction licence. For Funny English, we made a partnership with the local school and for Green, we made a partnership with the townhall.

We kept coordinating 51 volunteers coming through Globe Aware Romania Program, with the same responsibilities as before, but putting together new activities at a new location:

     # laying the foundation for the Center;
     # teaching English to 100 children, aged 06-15;
     # cleaning the streets, the park, and the small river in Haghig;
     # donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products, and school
         supplies to 4 extremely poor families with many children;
     # organizing 1 outdoor trip for socially active children and young adults;
     # visiting Brasov and surrounding area.

The website went through major changes, before the end of the year, and the fundraising campaign for the construction of the Center continued.

It was the year when we started getting constant sponsorship from ex-volunteers, a much needed hand for setting the foundation of the Center during 2010.

We THANK our wonderful volunteers, sponsors and partners for bringing this dream to life: Brian, Tara, and Kathleen; Evan, James, Soung, Youngli, Graham, Kendall, Katherine, Samuel, Tanatorn, and Dong; Maria, Sidney, and Julia; Rich, Tracy, Lexie, Payton, McCall, and Remi; Eric, Mary, Emil, Blake, Joel, Aidan, Andrew, Alejandro, Christopher, Michael, Joseph, Anson, Nicholas, Anthony, Aldo, Carlos, Scott, and Adhara; Cathy; Meghan; Frank, Elva, and Liyi; Sarah; Mary and Denise; Matthew and Cassie; Alexandra C.; Alexandra G.; Globe Aware; CAN Brasov; Haghig Townhall; and Haghig School. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, and also FAST Charity for helping us in times of need!