We continued coordinating 37 volunteers coming through Globe Aware Romania Program at FAST Charity, having the same responsibilities and running the same kind of activities:

     # building homes for Roma people;
     # teaching English to Roma children;
     # helping around the community center that hosted them;
     # visiting Brasov and surrounding area.

In parallel, we completed the process of creating Phoenix Group Nonprofit:

     # getting a name;
     # compiling the Constituent Paper and Nonprofit Statute;
     # opening Bank Accounts and getting a Legal Statute;
     # getting registered with the National Agency of Fiscal Administration;
     # enlisting in the Nonprofit Register of Brasov county.

The mission of this newly created Nonprofit was to better the future of disadvantaged children and young adults, with the help of education. Primarily, the focus was on creating and providing the educational support nedeed by poor children and young adults with high intellectual capacities or special talents, so they could become role models, the ones who could then better their communities.

After having negotiated partnerships with a few local authorities, we got a promise for a 49 years land concession in Haghig village, Covasna county, for the building of an Educational Center - a much needed location for the educational ambitions of Phoenix Group. A place meant to offer supplementary, complementary, and extra-curricular education; personal development courses; and recreational activities to children and young adults at-risk, ages 06-25, coming from a large underpriviledged area in the range of Brasov and Covasna counties.

During the same time, we detailed on paper other 4 projects: Funny English - teaching English to children aged 06-15, with the help of native speakers; Green - cleaning up the villages, preventing waste throwing in unauthorized areas, planting trees, sellective waste collection, etc.; Live and Give - donating clothes, shoes, food, personal hygiene products and school supplies to very poor children and young adults; and Give and Get - organizing outdoor trips for children and young adults who voluntarily get involved in solving community problems.

The year ended with creating and launching this website and a fundraising campaign for the construction of the Center; and an incredible, surprising, sizeable donation from Chelsea M., that started us going on a magnificent, but very challenging road!

THANK YOU, Soryl; Emily, Ellen, Alexandra, Aaron, Alexandra, Elliot, Sijia, Lung Lai, Bronwyn, Paul Leonard, and Elisabeth; Earl and Kay; Mariann; Susan and Sally; Missy, Andrina, Tessa, and Jessica Brea; Franco, Andrew, Robert, Christian, Jesse, Elbert, Eric, Emil, Patrick, and Christian; Michael, Erik and Gloria; Alison and Vincent; Stephen; Globe Aware; and FAST Charity; for another GREAT year of living life, not merely existing! You will ALWAYS be remembered as long as we are alive!