There was no Phoenix Group Nonprofit yet. We were employed by Globe Aware (Houston, Tx, USA) to coordinate volunteers coming through Globe Aware Romania Program to FAST Charity (Sacele, Bv, ROMANIA). We were responsible for their transportation, accommodation and meals; and for organizing activities like:

     # building homes for Roma people;
     # teaching English to Roma children;
     # helping around at FAST community center;
     # visiting Brasov and surrounding area.

Needless to say, the experience was priceless! By the end of the year, we got confident that we can continue doing charity work on our own, in other poor areas of the region. So, we started off the creation of Phoenix Group Brasov.

THANK YOU, Chelsea, Elizabeth, and Sara, for daring us to follow our dreams!!! THANK YOU, Becky and Nicole; Lea and Lisa; Lawrence, Jennifer, and Patricia; Mary and Eric; Lisa, Bobby, Christina, and Sebastion; Elizabeth and Patricia; Teri, Rhiannon, Brittany, Rick, Cindy, Lindsey, Melanie, and Natalie; Robert Byrnes; Jenna Rehrig; Globe Aware; and FAST Charity; for teaching us what working with/for the unfortunate and vulnerable means! THANK YOU for opening our eyes to what is important in this world and for filling our hearts with joy above anything before!