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8. Our Volunteers


Come and help! We need you!

Come and see for yourself what we are doing! You might have read a few things on this website, heard about it from others, or even seen pictures, but there is nothing like living it yourself!

Because we want you to volunteer, no matter how you want to help; how much time you can spend with us; whether you'd like us to take care of your accommodation, transportation, meals, sightseing, or want to do it yourself; etc.; please contact us to work out a personalized volunteering program.


Let others know about us!

Positive reference from someone who has already tried out volunteering with us is better than any other kind of advertisement! Have your friends/ family come over and you will keep us going!

Also, individuals/ businesses from the USA/ Canada can make tax deductible donations for our projects through Globe Aware, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), our volunteer recruiting partner from Texas, USA. Sharing your experience and making them aware of how much we need their support, might be vital!


Contributions are crucial!

We are where we are, above all, due to volunteer contribution. Be it funds, building materials, tools, working equipment, services, knowledge, skills, talents, etc., we are delighted and thankful to receive your support!

To get an idea, we also have a wish list, but if you intend to help us in any way, please write a few lines and we'll get right back to you.


We exist because of them!

Volunteers, nonprofits, businesses, public institutions - here is everyone who has played a part in our founding and accomplishments.

Since 2009 to this very day, these kindhearted 'accomplices' have pushed us through all ups and downs, even when we thought we had reached the end. We will never forget you and always be grateful!

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