"When finally the day of the exam came, so did the end of my mother's anxiety for the subject. When the results were put up, she hardly agreed to come along. At the school, she first asked to see the list of children who failed. Because I wasn't on it, she checked the other list too, from the bottom up. After going halfway through, she was convinced that there was some kind of mistake and went back to reading the list with the rejected. I, however, continued to look for my name among the accepted and the higher I went on the list, the faster my heart was beating. 'Oh, my God!..Oh, my dear God! No...no, it's impossible!', I thought. 'There surely must be some kind of mistake!'. My head was about to explode, but it was true, it was as plain as daylight: I had gotten the highest score! I...of all people, I was at the very top of that list![...]"

Elena successfully made it through high school and college and graduated with the highest score again. She is now licensed and is going for a master's degree. That magic door her mother doubted has opened for Elena, but she hasn't forgotten what she had to go through to open it. That is why she feels very attached to small, vulnerable, bright children and now uses all her talents and knowledge to help them find a way out of their parentsí ignorance and poverty.

Our mission is to help children like Elena make the most of themselves.